Living in Flexion

Hip mobs for back row players

Near the end of qualifiers, Katie developed a painfully irritated deep right hip flexor. What started with a cramp high in her right leg while playing defense grew into a serious, gripping pain triggered by even simple movements like stepping forward to serve.

Given that she spends a lot of time in deep flexion while working on defense, it’s not surprising that her hip flexors would get tight and irritated.

Ideally we would have seen this coming and been focusing on mobilizing these tissues consistently throughout the season, but the next best thing is to consult the Supple Leopard and get to work.

The following four mobs performed twice daily relieved her symptoms over a two-week period:

  1. Started with a nice and easy Gentle Hip Distraction (SL p314), about two minutes on each side. This mob was a relaxing way for her to ease into the proper mindset for the next three.

  2. Next, a fairly aggressive hip opener with Starrett’s legendary Couch Stretch (SL p331, MobilityWod), again about two minutes on each side.

  3. Work some external rotation into the mix with the Hip Capsule Mobilization, Option 2 (SL p316)

  4. Finish off with a Quad Smash (SL p324) focusing on the high and medial tissues using the Rumble Roller, and occasionally Dad as Superfriend.

Four mobs per side, two minutes each, is about a sixteen minute session – easy to knock out before school, and before bed.